This section contains the audio files for some of the debates I have participated in. If you are a Christian,
these debates are intended to encourage you and equip you to defend your faith in whatever mission
field the Lord has you in. If you are a non-Christian, it is my hope that these exchanges will help move
you to believe in and follow the Lord Jesus. Many years ago I accepted him as my person Lord and Savior
and he changed my life immeasurably for the better. My prayer is that you will let him do the same for
you. God bless.

Pastor John Feakes

Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead?

Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?

The Bible teaches that Jesus of Nazareth appeared on the world stage with an unprecedented sense of divine authority—the authority to stand and speak in God’s place. This aroused the anger of the religious leaders of His time, and, at their insistence, the Roman authorities condemned Him to death by crucifixion. According to the biblical record, however, this did not end His story.

His closest followers claimed that God had raised Him from the dead thereby supremely vindicating His radical claims. For millions of believers throughout the ages, the resurrection provides comfort and hope; human-kind’s most hated and feared enemy—death itself—has been defeated . . . or has it?

Many feel that the resurrection of Jesus is simply too fantastic to be believed. They argue that extraordinary claims, like the resurrection, ought not to be believed unless they are supported by extraordinary evidence. For these people, there simply is no good reason to think that the resurrection was an actual, historic event.

Let’s Examine the Evidence Together

On Saturday Sept. 9th, Pastor John Feakes (New Life Sanctuary Church) and writer/researcher Darren Kay will explore the evidence for the resurrection. Please join us for a lively and informative evening of discussion and debate! For more info call (204) 895-0704.

Debate Format

Welcome and Introductions by the Moderator

John Feakes introductory remarks
Darren Kay introductory remarks

John Feakes case for the Resurrection
Darren Kay case against the Resurrection

John Feakes rebuttals
Darren Kay rebuttals

John cross examines Darren
Darren cross examines John

John Feakes closing statements
Darren Kay closing statements

Questions from the audience (Please write down your question on the blank piece of paper provided)

Give us your feedback. If you attended or listened to the debate, what are your thoughts on what was presented? Where did the debaters do well? How could they make their case stronger?

Write your comments on the back of the blank paper or email them to

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Is God Needed To Understand The World Debrief

My first formal debate with Atheist writer Darren Kay was a fun and interesting exchange. Unfortunately there were some folks who had a hard time understanding some of the terms and concepts we were discussing. In order to remedy some of this, Darren and I sat down for a debate debrief in my home and reviewed our debate together. We also did our best to answer the written questions we didn’t get to during our formal debate. This recording is here (split into two parts) for you to listen to and consider. I hope it is helpful to you.

–John Feakes

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Is God Needed to Understand the World?

Participants John Feakes, and Darren Kay.

On May 13, 2017 I debated atheist Darren Kay on the question of whether or not God was needed to understand the world. Both of us came to defend our worldviews with vigor and it turned into an enjoyable and lively exchange. One complaint that I heard from folks who attended was that I talked too fast and used too many big words. Since the Transcendental Argument for God’s existence was at issue, we had no choice but to traffic into areas of high-level abstraction. I’m convinced that if folks will listen again carefully and thoughtfully, they will see that God alone can (and does) provide the necessary preconditions for knowledge. To make it easier I am posting my written statements and notes that I drew upon for the debate. My prayer is that Christians who consider the material will be encouraged in their faith and better equipped to share it. For non-Christians, my hope is that the Holy Spirit will use this material to convince them of the truth of Christian Theism, and that they will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ the Lord.
— John Feakes

Written Statements And Notes

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Telephone Dialogue with an Atheist

This exchange took place December 21, 2015. Laura is a first-year college student and a materialistic
atheist who was interested in dialoguing with me after hearing some of my Equip.U classes. Of all the
debates I have heard or participated in, this one might be my favorite. The tone remained friendly and
respectful throughout, and we were able to get to the really important issues.

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Atheism. Christianity. An Uncommon Dialogue between John Feakes and Lukas Thiessen

This debate was held at New Life Sanctuary Church on June 6, 2015. Lukas and I agreed that we didn’t
want to do a typical Christianity vs. Atheism debate. Lukas suggested that we start out by stating what
we think it means to hold the opposite worldview. That is to say, I would begin by explaining what I
thought it meant to be an atheist, and he would explain what he thought it meant to be a theist. This
was the point of departure for rest of our exchange.

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