Is God Needed to Understand the World?

Participants John Feakes, and Darren Kay.

On May 13, 2017 I debated atheist Darren Kay on the question of whether or not God was needed to understand the world. Both of us came to defend our worldviews with vigor and it turned into an enjoyable and lively exchange. One complaint that I heard from folks who attended was that I talked too fast and used too many big words. Since the Transcendental Argument for God’s existence was at issue, we had no choice but to traffic into areas of high-level abstraction. I’m convinced that if folks will listen again carefully and thoughtfully, they will see that God alone can (and does) provide the necessary preconditions for knowledge. To make it easier I am posting my written statements and notes that I drew upon for the debate. My prayer is that Christians who consider the material will be encouraged in their faith and better equipped to share it. For non-Christians, my hope is that the Holy Spirit will use this material to convince them of the truth of Christian Theism, and that they will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ the Lord.
— John Feakes

Written Statements And Notes

Note: To Listen to Debate Click Debate Title.

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