Welcome to our virtual museum!

By John Feakes

In 2002 my family and I began acquiring artifacts and building displays to use as teaching aids in our defence of biblical creation. Our “Christian Evidences Museum” (for lack of a better name) had been housed in my basement rec-room until summer ’07. During that time we hosted many tours including homeschoolers, youth groups, Bible study groups, and families interested in seeing some of the evidence for themselves.
My family and I have had a lot of fun sharing with folks what we believe to be absolutely astounding verification of the Bible’s historic claims, particularly its claims regarding special creation in the relatively recent past and a global deluge some 4,500 years ago. Over the years we’ve continued to acquire fascinating artifacts and fossils, and construct displays. The trouble of course, is that basement rec-rooms don’t normally grow in response to an increase in the stuff they contain (guess they haven’t evolved that ability yet!). In other words, it was getting a little tight around here!
Today our museum is housed in the lower level of the New Life Sanctuary church building located at 618 Muriel St Winnipeg.
To book your guided tour or for more information please call John or Linde Feakes at (204) 667-6548 (Cell: 299-7883) or e-mail.

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