Falsifying the Geologic Column

The Evolutionist Bible: The Geologic Column. According to evolutionists, the layers of the earth represent billions of years of geological history. These layers were given ages and names way back in the 1830’s, and the general scheme remains essentially the same today. The left of column we have on display, we depict the upward evolutionary succession of life supposedly found in these layers (i.e. Invertebrates to fish to amphibians to reptiles to mammals and birds). What many don’t realize is that this column is actually a mental abstract THAT EXISTS NOWHERE IN THE REAL WORLD. There are many examples of fossils and artifacts being found in rock layers where they really don’t belong (according to evolution). Regardless, the geological column remains the evolutionist’s bible, and he is quite prepared to bend the data in order to harmonize with his “bible.”


This photo was taken on our trip to the Paluxy in September 2004. Notice the three-toed dinosaur footprints in the foreground.


This footprint (on the right!) was probably left by an ancrocanthosaurus.


Many of the dinosaur tracks in the Paluxy Riverbed are still very well-defined. Obviously they were covered very quickly before erosion occurred.


This human-like impression complete with toe marks was found inside a three toed dinosaur print. It is part of the Taylor trail on the Paluxy river.


The same human-like impression complete with toe marks found inside a three toed dinosaur print with outlines for clarification.


This photo is found on geologist Don Patton’s website www.bible.ca/tracks. The impression extending into the dinosaur print’s heel is one of a trail of human-like impressions. Consult Dr. Patton’s site for excellent treatment of the Paluxy River track controversy.


Dan Ricard photographed this badly eroded dinosaur print (that’s his feet in the picture) which was one of a long trail. This particular print seems to contain another print behind it, extending into its heel section. Doesn’t it bear a resemblance to the print featured on Don Patton’s site?


The Burdick Print. This one of the best preserved of the human prints found in the Paluxy Riverbed. Some said that it was too perfect to be authentic, and charges were made that it was a carving. The print was sectioned and examined under a blacklight, revealing compression of the laminations. It is a real impression, made in the same layer as the dinosaur prints. Geologist Don Patton, who has spent much time examining the print, has much more information on his site at www.bible.ca/tracks.


The Large Cat Paw Print. This print was found in the same location as the Burdick print. To find evidence of cats living at the same time as the dinosaurs is just as damaging to the evolution story as finding human footprints. Once again, claims that the print was carved were refuted when the print was sectioned and examined under the black light.


The Zapata Track. This shallow human footprint was made in limestone said to be even older that that found in the Paluxy River. The shape is obviously human and the fact that the stone is so hard, yet includes a degree of mud “push-up” around the print makes the idea of forgery very unlikely indeed.



This excellent replica on display in our museum was created generously donated by casting expert Larry Mitchum.


We photographed the actual cup found by Frank Kenard in 1912, during our trip to Dr. Carl Baugh’s museum in Glen Rose, Texas. The replica he provided us still shows the cup associated with the coal in which it was found.


The handprint is one of several artifacts that Dr. Baugh had brought out of safety deposit during our visit to his museum in September 2004. The cast on display in our museum was produced by Joe Taylor.


According to Dr. Baugh, this is the most valuable artifact in his collection. The Meister print is the “smoking gun” evidence against long ages and evolution. According to Henry Johnson (www.omniology.com) the Meister family was offered a fortune for the print by someone who was bent on destroying it. Luckily the Meister family had the integrity to pass this valuable artifact to Dr. Baugh, where it serves to strengthen the faith and witness of Christians.


This is a close up of one of the trilobites inside the Meister print. No one has ever challenged their identification as trilobites, only that they are inside an actual shoe print. Take another look. What else could have made an impression like this, 10 ½ inches long?


Here is a photo of our small coelacanth fossil cast. Actually, fossil fish of any kind support the young earth/flood creation model, because fish normally don’t fossilize. Normally they float to the top and are scavenged. Yet countless fossil fish have been found between strata layers squashed to the thickness of a piece of paper, with only thin layers of strata above. These fish must have been caught and buried quickly in some catastrophe in order to have been so well preserved.


The Famous Nampa Image. Either mankind has existed for millions of years or popular conceptions about the age of the earth are mistaken. Either way, the evolution story is seriously disrupted by such “out-of-place” artifacts and fossils.

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