Reflections on a Sermon from Genesis One

A Poem By: May L. Winters

Even before the beginning was God
There is no other on this sod
Or in the total universe but God-
He is one but three in unity,
A great and wondrous mystery,
There is no other deity, none-
Nadda, zipo, nil, ziltch, zero-solely one.

In nature, perfect and complete is he.
He was, is, still will be the supreme authority
Over all in time and eternity.
What man has formed are not gods
But horrible deceiving frauds.
Incapable are gold, wood, and stone
To speak, see, think, move or stand alone.
But gods can also be something prized-
Wealth, intellect, power-and greatly idolized.
We are most pitifully unwise
To base our lives
On things that will not last or cannot free
But lead only to slavery.
In the beginning God
Created with his word.
You may think that absurd.
Not so, for he can do
Whatever he will to do
Because he is God.
By faith we claim this so.
But really, how could we ever know
That he would
Out of nothing create all
And then call
It exceedingly good.
Our pastor, John has told us this:
That without God
Reason, science, or math could not exist.
It would seem really odd,
In my estimation,
To attempt a math application
Using the presuppositions of chance or happenstance.
Let’s see: Two plus two “might” equal four
Or maybe the sum would be less or maybe even more.
Since the world of chance is believed to be in constant flux,
To determine what is true then becomes a crux.
God did not plan things to work that way.
He created order and predictability so that we can say,
“Oh, I learned a lot about his world today.”
Look here, the result will be thus and so
If I first push this thing and make it go.”
God arranged for cause and effect, a world of sequence, of
Things are related to other things so we can uncover consequence.
And discover
The wonders his has laid up in store for us.
And the plus is thus:
That we get to know him more and more
As we open each door
Looking for him. . . . oh, while it occurs to me,
What about morality?
A “relative” issue it would be;
Right would become whatever feels right and good to me,
That is, according to the theory of chance enter into a world of fluctuating circumstance.
There would be no godly standards outside
Ourselves so we could decide
What is wrong or right.
We’d all get caught in mindless, endless, fights
About whose opinion best represents the truth.
What a confusing mess! My appeal
to any is this: Do not do that dance
of giving any credence to the myth of chance.
Look, God is unchanging and true.
He is the provider of order and clarity.
God is our ally
Who will cut through the world’s insanity,
And bring to our hearts peace and rest,
All his best.
To make sense of anything, upon him we can depend.
When life makes us bleed, he will defend
And draw us back close to himself again, and again.
He’s all we need. To that I say, “Amen!”

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