Thankyou, Jesus On Fathers Day 2016

Your Purities, oh Heavenly Father
Go beyond words, even today
and your righteousness Forever
yes I do Say
and like the Song goes
you’re a good, good Father
It’s who you are.

Reaches into my inner heart
even to the highest star
you, oh Heavenly Father
are as pure as crystal
to be marveled by all
and because of your goodness
who can stand tall
you’re in a class, all of your own
and your gentle Spirit, and with all that is known
The seeds you have planted
springs righteousness and in every way
Because you’re pure
It brings me such joy, to have a special Heavenly Father
I can call mine, everyday.
Lord, I’m so lucky to have you
That you chose, even me, at the cross
you are the Lion and the Lamb,
and that you came fore the Lost.
You really are my redeemer,
my Holy Father ever so true,
Thankyou Jesus, for Just being you.

Happy Fathers Day, Lord God

I Love you


With Love,

Miss Sherry Sayers

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